Alan Vitek

Bright Ghosts

Bright Ghosts

In Development

At it's core, Bright Ghosts is an experimental exploration game for iPhone and iPad. Coming late 2017.

I've always wanted to create a whimsical, open-world game for mobile. There are few games in this space that allow the sense of wonder and adventure that I hope to create. Too many games focus on IAPs, or feel like a neverending onboarding tutorial. Mobile needs more gentle, casual, adventure games.

If you're the kind of person that enjoys the freedom and reward of exploration, this is a game for you.

Bright Ghosts is my first attempt at creating a game on my own and it's been an incredible experience so far. I do my best to document my process — follow me on Twitter for weekly-ish updates. And GIFs.

I have given myself a dealine of November 2017 to finish this game and submit to the App Store. *fingers crossed*