Warcraft Rumble UI/UX Inspiration

November 2, 2023

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Warcraft Rumble came out today and I spent a little time during lunch playing the first few levels.

As a long-time Warcraft fan (Warcraft III is my favorite!), I’m always curious to check out a new release. I’ve kept an eye on Rumble for a while and, honestly, I wasn’t super excited about it. The premise is similar to Clash games (spawning units that auto-battle others in an attempt to destroy a boss/tower) but the visuals kind of threw me for a loop.

I like the toon look they went for, and it makes sense within the universe (the lore is that these battles are played on some kind of medieval, analog arcade machine with a dash of magic sprinkled on top). The levels and character models look great!

I was also really looking forward to the classic Blizzard polish — and in terms of UI/UX, Rumble doesn’t disappoint. We’re all used to the slot machine-like nature of mobile games, but Rumble takes it to another level and really dials in the effects. Check out these examples:

Character Unlock

Level Completion: Victory

Level Start

It’s easy to see the care taken to make these look really good, and that level of polish is definitely something I aspire to with my own games.

Like Hearthstone, I feel like Rumble is one of those games created by a smaller team within Blizzard that is really passionate about the product and has room to explore and experiment.

While the main gameplay is similar to Clash, the variety of levels and characters seems to be HUGE. Curious to see how far I get with it 🙂

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