True: Wild Wild Yetis — Mount Huffinpuff Design

October 3, 2019

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Just a quick note this time regarding one of my favorite kid’s shows on Netflix – True and the Rainbow Kingdom. A new season came out and one episode is about an upset volcano who cries lava. It’s up to True and company to figure out what’s wrong and set things right.

The art direction and design on this episode is spectacular. The volcano itself, Mount Huffinpuff, is so cute and I love all the little details… like how the lava is used for its tears, how it forms a moat around it, and the beautiful volumetric smoke that billows out of its top. The whole environment is incredible and the juxtaposition of the cool greens and blues of the nearby springs against the warm oranges and purples of the volcano make this episode a special treat for the eyes. Nice job True team!

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