Star Photography Experiment #3

May 5, 2022
by Alan Vitek

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It’s been nearly 8 years since I posted any kind of star photography here. The first two posts (here and here) are a little cringey to read, but have the right kind of spirit.

Back then, I was shooting on a Canon Rebel something or another, with a standard lens. The result was a blurry, mostly black and white picture of dots haha. This time, I’m just shooting on my iPhone. These little pocket computers are magical.

Even a hint of Milky Way in this one.

What really surprised me, aside from the obvious drastic improvement from my last venture, was the amount of color information the camera was able to retain. I wonder if I had a newer DSLR if I could get a better result. I’m not so sure I have enough knowhow for that. All the fancy AI-based computation that’s going on in the phone to take a clear picture is just stunning, and let’s someone like me who doesn’t know much take a decent picture point and click style.

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