Mobile Game UI Examples from Knighthood

March 8, 2020
by Alan Vitek

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I wanted to take a moment and share some UI elements from the game Knighthood, a new(ish) game from publisher King, developed by Midoki.

I just started playing it, and it’s a solid mobile game. The combat is decent – it’s a kind of turn-based, combo maker-esque style with what appears to be lots of depth in terms of inventory/gear and summoning strategy.

But what I’ve found most charming, is the UI. I know, I know… typical designer. But honestly there’s a nice mix of things happening in this game. And it’s super polished too.

The Overworld Map

Ok, I’m a sucker for overworld map design. Knighthood has a fully 3D (although non-zoomable) overworld with cute, low-poly art assets, great color design, tasteful particles and weirdly realistic clouds that float by. And can I just highlight the location/town text drawn on top of the map?? It’s gorgeous.

The Starter Pack

Ok, this one is very nicely done, and rightfully so. According to Swrve, 72% of all revenue generated by a freemium player is made within the first 72 hours. So, Knighthood hits you with the classic “Starter Pack” once you’ve gotten a taste for the game. The $4.99 price point is a sweet spot – enough to earn decent money for the dev, but not so much that players are put off. The better designed the pitch for the ad is, the more compelling the purchase. Note the 60% off tag, the +600 FREE gems, and all the confetti and shiny-ness.

Loot / Card Reveals

I’m not quite sure what the call this one, but the loot screen is super enticing to interact with. Taking cues from Hearthstone, the player flips around cards to reveal the spoils they’ve won from chests and battles. I like these cards because they are a nice mix of 2D and 3D design. It’s a really good re-usable design too for all the different drops you can get. Plus, just look at the JUICE on that pop it does before it turns around.

This game looks cool.

You should check it out! Links to download Knighthood are available on their website.

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