iStock Preview Photo Downloader

Finally. An easy way to download those high resolution preview images from iStock. Click the link above to get started!

It’s as simple as clicking a bookmark link!


What’s the point?

Clients like beautiful photography, but few can actually afford or have the time to hire a proper photographer. So they must rely on stock imagery for their marketing assets.

As a designer, I constantly find myself digging through the iStock DOM to find the coveted s3 div with a link out to the good preview version of the file I need for my mockup. Then, I can show the client a more realistic representation of what their marketing collateral would look like without having to purchase stock images upfront. Once the artwork is approved, I can then purchase the right stock photos and everyone is happy!

Follow the link above to install a tool that I came up with, and that my friend Zach programmed. He wrote a pretty in-depth article over here if you are interested in the programming details.