Intriguing Holes in Desert Golfing

October 1, 2019

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For better or worse, I’ve recently been sinking time into a charming game called Desert Golfing.

This game… it’s… well, it’s unique. It’s a game of skill, sure, but it’s also a game with a good story behind it. To keep the allure alive, I’ll leave that to you to go dig up on your own.

As of this writing, I’m about 600 holes in (an average par around 3/hole, not great but hey) and I’ve stumbled past a few really cool levels. I’ve tried to figure out what it is about some of these levels that intrigues me. Perhaps it’s a mixture of deceptive challenge, or maybe unique land formations. Only a minimum of ~9,400 holes left!

I even tried to take a rock with me. I made it 2 holes before I realized that it probably wasn’t worth it…


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