Fluid Simulations

July 22, 2017
by Alan Vitek

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I’ve spent a little time recently experimenting with some physics simulations in Blender.


A few weeks ago, I saw a post on Twitter that had suggested using a physics simulation on a cube to create rocks.



And so here way my first attempt:



Pretty cool, right? What’s more, I learned that you can record these animations and save them out as keyframes – this would make them super cheap to use in mobile games for instance, if I chose to.



I did a few more of these rock type ones and then I decided it was time to do something trickier… fluid simulations.

To be honest, the setup for making water isn’t too hard — this video does a really good job explaining the basics. The hard part is setting up the camera properly to record it, and waiting for it all to render. Additionally, I used a subsurface modifier and glass material/shader, so the rendering took even longer but the result was totally worth it. #hip


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