Bee and Puppycat – A cartoon by Adventure Time artist Natzilla (Natasha Allegri)

January 2, 2014

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I have to admit, I’m really fond of the preview I saw for this. Natzilla, aka Natasha Allegri, started these characters a while back on her Tumblr (if I remember correctly) and she recently had a succesful kickstarter campaign to get funding to get this show fully developed. I believe Frederator will be the animation studio in charge, and this preview is brought to you by (what I understand to be) Frederator’s pitching subsidiary, Cartoon Hangover.

Overall, I love the art style, and I REALLLLYYYY love the characters. They are immediately lovable, relatable and fresh. At least to me. Go Nat, go!


Check out the preview here! Part 1 and Part 2:



For anyone who is interested in Nat, check out this video interview:

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