An Authentic Approach: Aaron Draplin on Logo Design

January 7, 2015
by Alan Vitek

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He’s been around for a while — 40 years to be exact, but I’m just now really getting to know him. Aaron Draplin is the owner of his one man shop, DDC (Draplin Design Company) and he makes logos. But it’s his authentic, down to earth approach that makes him incredibly irresistible. I mean seriously, I can’t stop scouring the web for his videos.

As a designer, I really appreciate his taste in simplicity. But even more, I appreciate his attitude. In a conference talk he gave, he made the comment that as designers, we are insanely lucky to do what we do. And we have no right to complain… ever. We get to make cool stuff everyday, and that’s awesome.

You should watch this little video he did on his process for making a logo. It’s short and eye opening. What a beast.

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