Editing with VSCO Cam

December 22, 2014

Exploring VSCO Cam was a little tricky at first — the app has a non-standard UI, so my initial experience navigating through it wasn’t so great. However, I warmed up to it pretty quickly and I’m able to navigate it just as fast as any other editing app.

What I really like about VSCO is how in-depth the controls are for editing photos. The typical workflow starts you off with a basic set of default filters, and then you get to tweak some 20+ settings that range from exposure to shadow tinting. I feel like I can create any look I want with VSCO, and unlike Mextures, the results look more like legit cinema stills rather than angsty filters with light leaks.

Overall, I’m super pleased and almost tempted to buy some more edits through their in-app store. Almost. There are some great free filters available as well in there that I definitely recommend checking out.