Collectors vs Creators

Explore Tiny Worlds – A Curious Playlist for Adventurers

Lush Sunlight – A Warm and Relaxed Music Playlist

The Evolution of a New Project

Game Prototype: Falling

Fluid Simulations

Pixel Paintings

Making Digital Donuts

World Building and Cluttering


Making the Jump Back Into 3D Modeling

Bright Ghosts – An Evolution of Concepts

After the Dust Has Settled: Looking Back at Launching a New Website

New Site is Live!

Your Inner Database

CSS Diagonal Scrolling Background

Tag the Environment

Tag, again!

Tag! You’re It.

Tetris Totems

Purchasing an Emoji URL

Designer Resources

Spotify Playlist – Synthetic Daydream

Baron Fig – Apprentice Pocket Notebook (Dot Grid)

Understanding Design – Form Follows Function

An Authentic Approach: Aaron Draplin on Logo Design

VSCO Cam Gallery

Editing with VSCO Cam


Simple jQuery Expand/Collapse Function

Star Photography Experiment #2

Star Photography Experiment #1

Specifying Lining Numerals or Oldstyle Numerals with CSS

Web Browser Resolutions for Smartphones

The New Legend of Zelda – 2014 E3

Mextures and Letterglow Work – Part 1

iStock Preview Photo Downloader

HTML Font Looking too Bold on a Mac?

Southern Gothic

Soup Cannon – Our Next Game

Good News at Noon Redesign

New Coldplay Songs: Midnight and Magic

Alien Isolation: This is a game I want to play

When Commercials Act Like Film

Did Someone Say Futura is the New Helvetica?


The Art Behind Bamboo Blade

The Sky is Lower in London

Nu Disco is My Nu Favorite Genre – Thank You Daft Punk

CSS3 Box Shadow Tricks

Sennheiser on Instagram

What’s Your Verse? – How iPads Are Like the Original Macs

Bamboo Blade – A Game We Made

A Great Collection of Free Stock Photos

How To Get High-Res iStock Images for Mockups

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What Made Ocarina of Time So Great – Minus the Nostalgia

Sennheiser Momentum

Bee and Puppycat – A cartoon by Adventure Time artist Natzilla (Natasha Allegri)

Summertime Haze